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  • 1st HolePar 4 - Hit your drive straight. OB on the left and right sides. Hit your second shot to a green that slopes from back to front. Two bunkers to the lower right side of the green.
  • 2nd HolePar 4 - Short par 4. Drivable by some, otherwise an iron or hybrid to the middle of the fairway. OB all the way down the left side. Green slopes back to front with a bunker to the left of the green.
  • 3rd HolePar 5 - Only par 5. Try to keep your drive to the left side of the fairway. Tree line on the right side is trouble. OB both left and right. Green can be reached in two with a good drive. Pretty flat green with two bunkers on the left side. One bunker short of the green on the right.
  • 4th HolePar 3 - Medium length par 3, plays slightly down hill, 145 to 165 yards. This deep green, depending on the hole placement, can play two clubs more. Large deep bunker guards the right side and any shot left of the green will run to the bottom of a steep bank towards a lateral water hazard.
  • 5th HolePar 3 - Long par 3, plays slightly up hill 172 to 185 yards. This hole will challenge all. Two well placed mounds protect the front left and right of the green with OB running the entire left side of the green.
  • 6th HolePar 4 - Hit your drive over or to the left of the tree in the fairway. Going over the wall on the right is OB. Also, OB up the left hand side of the fairway. Second shot to a fairly flat green with a bunker in the front left.
  • 7th HolePar 4 - Drive the ball straight. The more left you go the longer the carry over the stream. Stream runs down the right side near the tee and turns to the left of the fairway towards the green. Green slopes front to back, no bunkers.
  • javascript photo galleryPar 3 - Short but devilish par 3, plays to a slightly elevated green, 116 to 120 yards. This wide but shallow green is protected by a creek guarding the entire front. A hole placement on the left side of the green will require a well played shot as the green narrows and plays a club to a club and a half longer when in this position.
  • 9th HolePar 4 - Drive the ball straight towards the stump. Will leave you about 160 yards from the green. You can drive the ball over the trees on the right but you must carry the trees. There is OB on the right. Raised green slopes back to front with one large bunker in the front and three smaller bunkers behind.
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2018 Top Golf Courses - Providence Business News
At Louisquisset Golf Club, Ken Venturi has built a course that is, at once, fun and accessible for the novice, while challenging and thought-provoking for other golfers. Ken's professional play on hundreds of courses around the world coupled with his experience in countless tournaments and team competitions have given him exceptional insight into golf course design. It is perfectly exhibited at Louisquisset.
Yet, what sets Louisquisset apart from other golf clubs is not only its exceptional playability for women and men, but the interest it takes in the traditional elements of the game.
Carved through natural wetlands, rolling hills, and  oak trees, Louisquisset offers golfers a setting that is in the middle of the city where they can get away for a few hours a day. Residences line its links, creating a course that is like playing in Florida.
All of this, together with the service found in private golf clubs, makes Louisquisset a place where golf enthusiasts can always enjoy a great round of golf.


At Louisquisset Golf Club we know the challenges that go into coordinating a successful golf event. From the early stages of selecting  a location that fits your needs to the actual execution of the event, the need for organization, communication and flexibility are essential. That's why we are here! At Louisquisset, we pride ourselves on being that perfect location. Hosting numerous corporate, charity and association tournaments every year, our PGA Golf Professional Keith Niles has the experience and expertise to make your event a success.

No group is too big or small. Allow us to customize a proposal specifically for your event taking into account the needs of YOUR group. Make your event a success by bringing it to Louisquisset Golf Club. All of us at Louisquisset Golf Club hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon.

Call Keith Niles at 401- 353- 1620 and schedule a date & time for YOUR event.



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